ARISTA company

Many years of experience of our company in the market of digital wide format printing equipment and consumables led us to the confidence that obtaining prints of excellent quality is not possible without the use of high-quality inks that are optimally adapted to the particular model of equipment and give the best efficiency in solving a wide range of digital large format printing production tasks.
To accomplish this task, we turned to specialists who have vast experience, knowledge and skills in creating exclusive high-performance UV curable inks.

Own internal expertise

The ink is not only designed, tested and produced by professional teams that use only the latest technology. Our highly qualified specialists carry out production tests of inks on each model of equipment, which allows us to offer the optimal solution for printing on digital wide format equipment to the end user.

Highest ink efficiency

Inks are formulated to deliver a wide color gamut with the lowest ink consumption on the market. You can print more square meters with one litter of our inks than almost all other inks offered. Thin layer of the printed inks gives not only economical and ecological benefits but also this results in a considerable advantage in terms of the cured ink layer’s physical properties, e.g. adhesion, flexibility and scratch resistance.

Consistency of ink characteristics from batch to batch

Our UV (LED) inks boast outstanding, stable jetting performance–including controlled ink drop formation, great ink latency and long-term jetting reliability. This is achieved not only due to the special ink's formulation but also by using a quality control system not only for all stages of the production process, but also for the raw materials used.

Customer-oriented approach

While developing, producing or testing our ink formulations, we always keep in mind our customers and their needs.
Tuned to specific and functional application requirements, our inks offer tailor- made solutions.

Outstanding shelf life

Thanks to the special formulation and pigment's dispersions quality, inks are one of the market leaders for their shelf life. When stored under specified conditions, ink can be stored up to 24 months, depending on the ink set.


Your benefits

  • Cost-efficient, since less ink is needed to achieve the same high-quality result;
  • No risk of spilling or color mix-up;
  •  A consistent, high-quality print;
  • UV-curable, enabling rigid and roll media to dry instantly.